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The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon


by Don Zolidis

In "The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon," Don Zolidis masterfully lampoons the saccharine sweetness of holiday TV movies with a fast-paced, rollicking adventure through the snow-covered, tinsel-strewn world of seasonal cinema. As viewers channel surf through a marathon of holiday cheer, they encounter a delightful mishmash of all the quintessential elements: big city professionals rediscovering the magic of Christmas in quaint towns, unexpected romances sparked by mistletoe mishaps, and families reconciling just in time for the festive season - all served with a generous side of witty banter and tongue-in-cheek satire. The play joyfully skewers the predictable plots and characters that populate these movies, from the workaholic too busy for holiday spirit to the small-town hero with a heart of gold, all while celebrating the comforting predictability and warmth that make Christmas movies a staple of holiday entertainment. Zolidis's creation is a clever, comedic ode to the genre that manages to both roast and toast the enduring appeal of finding love, joy, and the true meaning of Christmas in the most expected places.


Dec. 14, 2025, at 2 PM & 7 PM

Dec. 15, 2025, at 2 PM

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