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Red Mask

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At Red Mask, our volunteers form the very essence of our vibrant community theatre. Their passion, dedication, and innovation are not simply valuable; they're indispensable.


Why Volunteer with Us?
Every person joining us adds a unique flair to our productions, and we welcome all to join our theatrical family. Whether you are a theatre patron, an actor, or a friend of the stage, we offer countless opportunities to lend your talents and enrich our performances.

Your Role in the Spotlight:
From the conceptual stages to the final curtain call, your involvement is essential to our theatre's success. Engage in a range of activities, including acting, lighting, sound, costumes, set design, and more. Whether you wish to assist in a single production or become a perennial contributor, your efforts are celebrated and integral to our community.

Ongoing Commitment Opportunities:
Want to make a lasting impact? Join one of our dedicated committees, focused on areas like fundraising, publicity, technology, and hospitality. Even a single act of assistance, as an usher or concessions stand volunteer, can make a memorable difference.

No Experience? No Problem!
Your enthusiasm is all we ask for. We provide the training, the support, and the stage for you to shine. Becoming part of Red Mask is not merely a volunteer opportunity; it's a chance to create, connect, and contribute to a thriving artistic hub. Forge friendships that will last a lifetime and play a vital role in making our theatre shine.

How to Join Our Ensemble:
Ready to explore your potential and unveil your talents? Connect with us on Facebook or send an email to We'll be glad to connect with you to discuss tailored opportunities to suit your skills and passion.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Set Building/Painting

  • Wardrobe/Costumes

  • Props

  • Stagehand

  • Tech Work – Sound, Lighting

  • On-Stage – Acting

  • Directing

  • Concessions

  • Publicity

  • Fundraising


Step into the world of Red Mask and become a driving force behind the artistic brilliance that defines our theatre. Join us and make your mark on the stage!

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